June 30th
Day 30: Tee Off Bar and Grill
3129 Clement St. (Official Sponsor)
Theme Night:
SF GIANTS (Come and wear your Black and Orange!!!)

THE LAST DAY! Come out and join us for a bite to eat and a drink. This might be the last and final day of Debauchery... Don't miss it!

-Rally Oh of All City Project

Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 24: Elephant & Castle

The All-City Project crew is on fire after closing down the Show Down the night before. Day 24 of debauchery brings us to Elephant & Castle in the Financial District of the city. E&C is an English-style pub whose name was derived from Royal scandal and gossip dating back to the 14th century when Charles I was betrothed to a Spanish princess from Castille. The name originates from the first Elephant & Castle in London where it still operates to this day.

"Today, E&C has grown to over 20 restaurants across the United States and Canada from Toronto, Boston, and Chicago to Vancouver, San Diego, and San Francisco. This record of 30 years of stability and success is due to E&C's continued commitment to be the standard of what North American consumers demand of a British pub and restaurant concept - Bang On Food, Bang On Drinks, and Bang On Service!"

As visitors and residents were piling into the city for "Pride" weekend, everyone wanted a big bang for the buck! E&C did not disappoint! The food is great here, may I recommend their famous fish n' chips or deliciously well-made Shepard's pie. Either way if you're around the way come into this beautifully decorated English pub and have a cold beer or a cocktail and enjoy some great pub grub. You can catch sports games that are televised on one of the many flat HD T.V.'s or play some pool in the back room. I had numerous shots of Jameson whiskey, several pints of Boddington's ale, and at least 1 shot, that I remember of Jagermeister. The monster in me comes out when I drink Jager, good thing he didn't come out! phew!

The E&C staff was great and they took care of the All-City crew! Big thank yous to the Manager, Ian aka Munter, and our shot-slingers Daniel and Tara! You guys rock hard! Sorry if we kept you guys passed your bedtimes! Lol! The ACP crew closed-out yet another pub! Thanks to everybody who came out, it was indeed another grand time in the SFC! Catch us on the remaining days of the debauchery trail, follow us on facebook and twitter/allctyproject or check the blog at

Elephant & Castle
424 Clay Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 23: The Showdown

On the 23rd day we found ourselves on 6th Street. The Showdown is conveniently located near my black tar heron dealer's place of business, and you never have to worry about not finding a bathroom, because something about the area just screams: toilet. There are plenty of transgender/transvestite/transformer escorts running around, if that tickles your late-night fancy. Regardless of 6th Street's sterling reputation, The Showdown is a great spot to end up. The owner Johnny treated everyone with class, and the new bartender Tanya was fly... said she just moved here from SoCal.
We met up with a couple natives, Tommy and Jay. It was like we already knew each other, just hadn't met yet. At the end of the night, after a quick bathroom break, I found myself huddled around the bar with all the regulars for a final shot. The front door was closed and by luck or fate, I achieved VIP status. Long story short, I shut down The Showdown, with help from sDo-D. In the words of The Terminator: I'll Be Back.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 22: Azul (CEO's and Office Hoes theme night)

  Man oh Man... Now this is what I'm talking about! All City Project was ready to get into this one and so was everyone else!  See, this is what happens when you get good looking people together, give it a cute theme, and add drinks... you get Day 22 of the Debauchery! CEO's and Office Hoes!  Azul is located by Sutter and Grant on this little side street.  Keep your eyes open when you are looking for this place.  This was a perfect place to get off work and hit their happy hour.  Joshua was our bartender for the night.   I hope we didn't give him too much of a hard time last night because I think some of us were a little out of control. (Yeah, you know who you are...hahahaha!)  I was very happy with the effort that everyone came out for this somewhat classy night. 

See ladies, you didn't have to exactly  have to"hoe it up"... But DAMM  ya'll looked sexy! 

And to the fellas, A boss can do anything in 30 Days, looking good, looking good. 

Gonna keep this post short.  When it comes down to Day 22, If you weren't here.... You really missed it!  This was one of favorite nights.  And that's all i'm gonna say about that.  DEBAUCHERY!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!  If you have pics for Azul, I would love to see them! There are so many pics going off, I thought you were the paparazzi! Send them or 

Special hello to Monique (Mo-Mo...friends forever) and her friend, the bride to be Jessica.  Congrats!  Glad to meet you ladies...

You crazy people: Monica, Azarah, Jennifer, Joe, Pauline and Freddy, Fouad and Roxy (Finally Roxy came back to the Debauchery), Lori, Heather, Rabi and Sonia, Melissa, Vince, Shivonne, Victor, Smity, Jamille, A.Gee(Alejandro, Alejandro!), Big Gee from Mohitos, Ryan, Drawdi

You're all Office hoes and CEO's in my book! 

Rally CEOh... 30DOD/ACP

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 21: Pist Off Pete's

It was a low key Tuesday. The usual suspects were all in attendance. They had the regular amenities: pool table, several cheaply priced beers on tap, juke box, etc.. They also had a horoscope dispenser machine. I thought I might get my horoscope for the day; WRONG. This evil machine dispensed one dollar calling cards that appeared to be some type of fake lottery scratcher. That really pist me off and I needed a beer; immediately. Miguel, the keeper of the bar, promptly pored me a pint of Racer 5 IPA. Numnumnumnum. Temper in check I began to enjoy the company of my constituents. Stretch pointed out that we had a real juke box on our hands. It was uncensored. You could find almost any artist or song. Theme music playing, beer in hand, friends about, the night began to form together like an East Oakland side show.

My name is Barack Jr. and I approve this message.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 20: Friends Bar

Wow! What a night, what a night, what a night! I've been closing down way too many spots on this debaucherous campaign trail. I must say though, that it's as fun as it looks! Coming off a blazin' a$$ weekend of debauchery, the ACP crew nestled into a local neighborhood bar called Friends Bar. Located at 558 Monterey Blvd. in the back of San Francisco City College, Friends is a nice cozy watering hole for the neighborhood locals and the ACP crew alike.

There's a couple of televisions for the sports enthusiast, an Internet jukebox, a pool and Foosball table, couple of comfy couches and a nice fire place for them cold nights. Friends even has a nice back patio when you want a change in scenery. They even serve a variety of bar fare like burgers, hot doggies, polish dogs, beer brats and popcorn. You have everything you need for a good night of drinking, no wonder Friends is the "neighborhood's finest hangout"!

Our shot-slinger and bartender for the evening was Rudy, Howie Mandel's twin brother! Rudy is a good dude, thanks for the friendly hospitality, you rock man! And yes, we're a little crazy for the 30 DOD project but I've accepted that already! I definitely can't forget the entrancing Miss Evelyn, whose the owner/operator of this enjoyable establishment. Thanks again dear for a lovely night, Toronto in the house!!!

Friends is a full bar that serves up a nice variety of beers on tap and in the bottle, some selections of vino and even champagne, you fancy huh?! The thing better than the drink selection is the price. You can have a great time and get your fix without breaking your wallet, I can dig that anytime! If you're in the neighborhood pop on in, I'll definitely come back to Friends, it's a great place to meet new friends...with benefits!

I want to give a big All-City Project shout out to Rob, Joe F. Chris, Laura (MILF), Joey, and Mary Anne...thanks for the shots mami! Big ups to the ACP crew; RallyOh, Stretcher, E-Fizlam, Murderousville, & Es-Sco-Bar!

It's yo boy, S dot Freezie

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day: 19 Valley Tavern

First off, All City Project crew would like to wish all the Father's of the world an Happy Father's Day, we would not be here without you. Most fathers would probably say "it was my pleasure"  - Damn right! Celebrating Father's Day and day 19, the 30 Days of Debauchery visits The Valley Tavern. Located at 4054 24th St. where their motto is "where the neighborhood meets."

Perched in the hills of Noe Valley and right up 24th st. from the Mission, Valley Tavern is a meeting place for all to enjoy. This is a great place to get out the house and come play. Valley Tavern consists of many features to keep you in the mood. There is no going wrong when you're pimped out with a 3 tier patio, 8 plasma flat-screens, 2 pool tables, a digital jukebox with a knocking sound and for the smokers an open-air smoke room. This makes great for those wonderful SF summer days.

Valley Tavern boasts 30 plus beers on tap in addition to the ones in bottles. All the fine liquor along with cocktail drinks done right, having the added condiments that you would expect of any quality tavern. Our bartenders Julie and Jon were great to us, a definite service with a smile. Ever want to journey outside your comfort bar, go get comfy at The Valley Tavern on 24th St., you'll be glad to return.

To my faithfuls, its roll call: big ups Natalie, Katy, Jessica, Eric, Melissa, Duinness, Monica, Chris, AG, Sabrina, StretchVet, E*Fizzle, S. Freezie, Rally Oh, Barack Jr. and anyone I may have forgotten. Happy Pop's Day! This drink is for you!!

Methods of payment: Cash, Credit Card, ATM

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 17: Fiddler's Green

Ahhhhh the luck of the Irish was with us tonight.  Located by Fisherman’s Wharf, Fiddler’s Green had that local charm with remnants of what I would think Ireland would be like.  (Need to plan a trip out there. Wait til they get a load of me!)   We got there early since we here this place can get packed, especially on a Friday night.  They have live music every day.   Sabbach plays from Thursday til Sunday.  He has been playing here for 15 years.  I’m sure Fiddler’s has been good to him and vice versa.  Once it hit 9pm, their upstairs opened up with a full bar, dance floor and a DJ to help you dance your ass off!  Wait, where am I?  This place has something for everyone.  More of the younger crowd was upstairs, while the mature local crowd was downstairs.  I spent most of my time with the O.G.’s.  Kevin, our bartender, host, entertainer and new friend was one of the best things that could happen to 30 Days of Debauchery and All City Project Crew!  The best way I can describe Kevin is that he was the combination of all of my favorite Irish folks rolled into one!  He heard from some of our friends that 30 Days was coming and he made sure he took care of us from the very beginning.  There was a point when I wanted to tip him out since he got me and Luther a shot, but he kept saying, “Ryan, don’t do that.”  We still managed to empty our pockets by the end of the night and made sure we left him with something.  Hey, when bars treat you that well, you’ll always come back.   I even got a chance to meet the owner Patrick and had a shot with him.  I think that was my back to back to back shots of Jamison.  Shot out to the rest of the staff: Jimmy, Dean, and Chris… Great job guys!  How does a chic come to the bar with no money and no ID and think she can come in?   Fiddler’s, I can’t thank you enough for the hospitality.  Next time when I visit, I’ll be coming for the food!
To everyone who came out…  Monica, Lori, Tony, Osha, Cathleen, Vincent and Ina, Katelyn, Schivonne, Dennis, A.Gee, Dez, Joe, Chris, Natalie, Catharine, Melissa and Jasmine (were looking good) Keep it coming….
To my 30 Days of Debauchery / All City Project Crew… I leave you with an Irish Toast.  –Rally Oh
Here's to a long life and a merry one.
A quick death and an easy one.
A pretty girl and an honest one.
A cold beer and another one!   
- Irish Drinking Toasts